This is And The Next Thing You Know.

It's a podcast about how our lives go exactly not as we planned them.

You know, the unexpected events, the twists in the plot (or the realization that there is no plot.) Like, when you tore off the flier tag for that apartment for rent, and ended up living there for fourteen years. Or how you can be a perfectly healthy 34 year old and wind up with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Or that time we all lived in lockdown for years while a deadly pandemic raged across the globe. The podcast is a series of lovingly rendered conversations about all this serendipity and trauma.

suzie sherman host of And The Next Thing You Know podcast

I’m Suzie Sherman. Once, I took a screenwriting class, but then ended up in grad school to become a psychotherapist. I did not, ultimately, become either a screenwriter or a psychotherapist. This podcast is the result of many life paths still unwinding.

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The banana peel is by Max Ronnersjö. The theme and interstitial music is by Jon Schwartz.