All At Once, All At Once

Today I’m talking with my guest, Keith, about a time in his life not so long ago, when shit went totally off the rails. He had a psychotic break and a set of experiences that blew up his marriage, his relationship with his kid, his job. Basically, nothing’s the same for him since that experience….

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Paragons of Nothing!

Welcome to the first episode of the podcast! I’m really excited to share these stories with you about how our missteps and disappointments and serendipity lead us smack-dab into our life plans. Today, I’m talking with my guest Becca about creative actualization: how our drives for self expression and creativity get derailed whether by internal…

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And The Next Thing You Know…The Trailer

And The Next Thing You Know is a podcast about how our lives go exactly not as we planned them. No matter how hard we cling to our plans for college and career and relationships and creative goals, it’s actually the disruptions in our lives, the wrenches and the tangents, that throw us in a…

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