Speaking Up and Fucking Up with Kati Douglas

Early childhood educator and photographer Kati Douglas and I talk about her career in the education field and what her first few years in leadership were like. We talk about what it’s like to deal with white supremacy as a biracial Black mom of...

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Dana Morrigan Sings in Her Own Voice

Photo credit: Tristan Crane, from their series Here Portraits.hereportraits.com Today, I talk with Dana Morrigan, wonderful human, wry wit, queer nonbinary transfeminine spoken word artist, writer, performer, and epic karaoke host! It’s about her quest for self-knowledge across many parts of her life: in...

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I Was a Conservative Christian. Now, I’m a Polytheist Clown Nun.

Kurt Granzow came into himself as a gay man at the same time that he found conservative Lutheranism in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 90s. What came next was a decade of communion and pursuit of ministry within the church, all...

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Misfortunes Quote-Unquote

When I pitched my guest, Shawn, about coming onto the show, my original idea was just talking to her about her career change from being a lawyer to becoming a psychotherapist. She counter-pitched me a story that I couldn’t resist. She said, and I’m...

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A Cruisible of Sorts with Amelia Ray

*I was oblivious to the pun when I said it in the episode! Today’s episode marks the one-year anniversary of the podcast! I posted the very first episode in September, 2019, way back in the Before Times. I feel really proud of And The...

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The Real Drug Was Checking Out.

In this episode, I talk to my guest, Cisco, about how being sober isn’t just about not drinking booze. Cisco’s exploration of sobriety is no less than a spiritual quest, and it’s a daily examination of how he can be of better service not...

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