Generation X

Transcript: Julia Serano Likes Scare Quotes

Suzie Sherman   Hey everybody, it’s Suzie. I’m just gonna duck in here to say that this episode with Julia Serano was recorded a real long time ago. Well before COVID-19 changed everyone’s realities. I hope everyone’s doing well, staying safe, staying emotionally well, taking care of yourselves, doing what you need to feel healthy and…

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Transcript: Making Death Plans, Petting Bunnies

Episode 03 Making Death Plans, Petting Bunnies Posted November 7, 2019 Suzie 0:00 This is And The Next Thing You Know, it’s a podcast about how our lives go exactly not as we planned them. I’m Suzie Sherman. My guest today is the multi-talented Nannette Mickle. Nannette’s work life is a surprising and diverse series…

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